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What you need to know

Cleaning is done for inspection or if there is any work to be done inside the tanks like leaking steam lines, crack in fuel tank etc.Heavy fuel oil in ships has a very high viscosity. When we stored that fuel oil in fuel tanks, this oil tends to stick inside the tanks and forming layers of semi-solid substance. Moreover, impurities of the oil settle down and it will stick to the surface of the tanks. It is therefore imperative that theoil tanks should be cleaned on a regular basis on ships.We are doing both floating and fixed roof tanks as per your requirements.

We Assure You The Safety

Tank Cleaning Steps

  • Mobilisation
  • Tank blanketing
  • Desludging
  • Tank cleaning services
  • Oil separation
  • Water wash
  • Demobilisation
Types of oil tanks that we are mainly working

Are you looking for the maintenance of these types of oil tanks?

  • Crude oil
  • Heavy fuel oil (HFO)
  • Heavy gas oil (HGO)
  • Ballast water
  • Catalytic cracker residue
  • Slop oil
  • Rail tanker etc.

Projects in the field

Fire Pump House Insulation at Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC (FOT)

Nature of works : Insulation
Client : FOT
Contract period : February 2018 – May 2018

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Fire Pump House Insulation at Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC (FOT)

Insulation Work for Fujairah Rockwool Factory (FRF)

Nature of works : Insulation
Main Contractor : Albanna Engineering
Client : Fujairah Rockwool Factory
Contract period : June 2018 – July 2018

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Insulation Work for Fujairah Rockwool Factory (FRF)